Lunch With a View

A lunch at Borducan is a moment of reflection in the chaos of things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that your life is a Chaos.

Everyone’s life is a Chaos.

When all the stars align against you, you have disasters at work, a complicated emotional life, some problems at home, and Hamlet-like doubts about your relationships. There’s not much to say; it’s obvious that you need a break.

You need to put a period and reset.

The fact is, we shouldn’t get there, beyond the Chaos.

If we wanted to be truly wise, we should be able to stop a little earlier, take a break, and reprioritize things.

That’s what I try to do every now and then in the rare moments when there are no customers here at Borducan.

I go out to the terrace and stop.

That is a moment all for myself.

Finally alone, I gaze at the horizon and breathe.

It’s from there that I admire the changing of the seasons. Mount San Francesco, right in front of me, is a bright green today, a green that only appears in spring, so lush that you can’t see anything but green.

Up there, as your gaze wanders, you get lost in the blue of Lake Varese, Lake Comabbio, and finally the infinity of the sky.

On that terrace, over the past 100 years, lunches, dinners, love stories, passions, tragedies, and who knows what else have taken place

If it could speak, it would tell us how Anita welcomed guests to Borducan.

How Davide would talk about his liqueur and the other alchemical preparations he had in the cellar.

It would remind us of the travel and war stories of young Bruno Bregonzio, who went off to fight in a war that wasn’t his, like all the useless wars that are fought.

In short, having lunch at Borducan is not just about feeding the body; it’s more about nourishing the spirit with vital energy.

Somehow, you can imagine coming here, sitting on the terrace or in the circular room, and finding answers to those questions that torment you.

And if you don’t find the answers, you’ll realize that being tormented by those questions is pointless because it’s never worth getting upset and having a stomachache over something for which you can’t find a solution.

You might say, but I just wanted a place to have lunch!!

Well, Borducan is something more. Besides having excellent ingredients and masters in the kitchen crafting super delicious recipes, you’ll experience a leap back in time like nowhere else.

You’ll find a curated wine list, with famous labels, lesser-known labels, natural wines, and biodynamic cultivation wines.

You’ll find courteous, attentive, and kind service, but never intrusive.

You’ll find house liqueurs to enjoy, mixed into unique recipes for an aperitif or as a digestif after a meal.

You won’t find noise, clamor, haste, or fast food dishes.

Not here.

A lunch at Borducan is for those who want a break

A break from work during the week.

From the usual routine on weekends.

Not just in summer with the good weather, of course.

When you can’t be outside on the terrace, the circular room with its wood paneling and frescoed white roses will embrace you and make you feel in a special place.

It’s inside this oval room that you perceive that delicate magical atmosphere of the 1920s.

On the menu, you will always find seasonal products and typical local dishes (despite our humble Varese tradition).

To book, just click here, choose the date of your break from the daily Chaos, select the time that suits you best to arrive, and you’re set!

Remember, we are in a pedestrian zone. You can leave your car in Piazzale Pogliaghi or Via Sommaruga, and from there, with a 5/10 minute walk, you can reach us through the alleys of the village.

I look forward to seeing you, and raise your glasses high!




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