Candlelight Dinner

Can a “simple dinner” make you feel the thrills of your first date?

Here is the candlelit dinner that has already made all of Varese fall in love with it.

I have asked myself many times, can a dinner save your marriage?
Can he save you from the abyss, grab you by the shirt one step away from the devastating and dangerous flight you are about to take?
Is this really possible?

The answer is obvious, NO, it can’t, there is no miracle, it won’t be enough for you to take her somewhere nice once, I warn you.

To avoid falling into the trap of boredom and habit you have to work harder than that, it won’t be enough for you to take her by the hand, make her do a turn, tell her how beautiful she is and make her sit at the table.

I’ll tell you again: no.

They are small daily gestures, one at a time.

Does that mean you don’t have to take her to dinner?

Of course you have to, among other things, but you can’t just turn on your computer, look for a place at random, see if it has two good reviews and book.

There are several risks you run, including that of finding yourself having spent money unnecessarily, having organized a surprise dinner in a place unsuitable for you.

1. A disappointing view

The first thing that usually happens is arriving at a place and not recognizing it. Weren’t there photos with a spectacular sunset? A soft light illuminating everything?

The truth is that the right light, but especially the right Instagram filter, can work wonders.

2. You, her, and the owner

In many places, it’s wonderful to get to know the owner, and I’ve stopped many times to talk with hoteliers and restaurateurs, chatting about everything, hearing their wonderful stories and the most absurd adventures of their lives.

Not when I’m with my sweetheart, not when I want to dedicate a special evening to her, at that moment I’m not interested, I just want to enjoy our special moment.

The reality is that for celebrating a Romantic moment, the first ingredient that must not be missing is intimacy.

Your table must have the right space around you, the waiters must be present but not intrusive.

Everyone feels special when the owner dedicates attention to them, so there’s a delicate balance to maintain, between leaving the right spaces and not ignoring the customers.

And the risk of finding oneself with a third wheel is always high.

3. 90s Dance Music

Seeing the restaurant as an extension of their home is quite common among restaurateurs, who tend to do what they prefer, so they play their music, cook dishes they liked, and so on.

However, music is not a secondary element, something that can be there or not, to your personal taste.

It’s instead a fundamental element for the romanticism of the evening. It took me weeks and weeks, but in the end, I found the perfect mix of songs, invading the circular room with their notes to serve as a background to the setting sun on the horizon.

In short, the Festivalbar 1999 soundtrack is certainly not the soundtrack of your perfect evening.

It really takes very little to ruin everything.

The music must be selected and chosen with care.

4. One candle is not enough

“The candlelit dinner” proposed by many consists of putting a candle in the middle of the table that has hosted lawyers and accountants for a business lunch.

But surely, one candle doesn’t make the difference.

I understand that it’s not for everyone, it seems like an exaggeration, but setting up the room takes 2 hours of time every day.

87 candles are not for everyone, lighting them one by one is not a walk in the park.

Sure, it would be easier to flip a switch and have a soft light that fills the room, but I can assure you that it’s not the same thing.

Why 87? They’re the perfect number to have the right lighting without dying of heat!

Are you wondering if the number of candles is perfect?

Here’s a taste, to see them with your own eyes, all you have to do is take your wife’s hand, decide that your marriage is worth the effort, and bring her here to Borducan.

Can you imagine her stopping your hand about to open the door, and giving you a kiss on the lips, smiling happily?

Can you imagine the pleasure of seeing her relaxed, looking at her in her elegant dress that she keeps only for special occasions?

Can you imagine seeing her laugh heartily as she did when you were young? Do you see her as she caresses your hand as you leave and hugs you one last time in front of the lake?

And while she showers you with kisses on the way to the parking lot?

These are beautiful scenes that I see every time a more or less young couple comes to visit me, and I must say that I always smile and nod in satisfaction because I know that Borducan is also doing its part.

If this is the magic you’re looking for, the one that can wake you up from tiredness, boredom, habit, and the repetition of days all the same, then what you need to do is click the button next to you and book your romantic dinner.

What are you waiting for?

The tables in the main room with Candlelight are only 8, how long do you want to make her wait before having the dinner she deserves?

Frequently Asked Questions about Candlelight Dinner

Is there a fixed menu for the Candlelight Dinner?

No, we have a regular menu that you can download by clicking here from which you can choose one of our tasting menus or select dishes individually.

Is it only indoors or also outdoors?

In the summer, with good weather, we also set up the Candlelight Dinner on the balcony.

Can variations be made to the tasting menus?

Yes, you can make up to 2 variations to the tasting menus, otherwise, we recommend choosing from the à la carte menu.

Do you accept dogs?

Accettiamo i cani di piccola taglia, uno per tavolo.

We have had inconvenient experiences in the past, and it is our duty to maintain the romantic and relaxing atmosphere as much as possible. Not everyone likes dogs, and while I do, some are even allergic. For this reason, and especially since we have a very small environment, we pay close attention to this matter.

Is the Candlelight Dinner really forbidden for children?

We cannot prohibit anyone from coming to our restaurant, but in order to create a romantic atmosphere for an unforgettable evening in intimacy, a couple also needs to be able to have one evening away from their children.
Furthermore, if you truly care for your children, you would never bring them to such an intimate place, which for them becomes cramped, where they cannot run freely. We realize that Borducan is not the most suitable place for them, so we advise against bringing them to a Candlelight Dinner.



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