Afternoon Tea

Having a snack at Borducan is more of a ritual. A Varese tradition

“Mom, will you take me to Borducan for a hot chocolate today?”

That’s usually how the day starts for a fan of our snack time.

Yes, because the afternoon is also designed for children, especially families, for those who want to relax after a nice walk or warm up on dreary autumn days.

The classic?

Hot chocolate at Borducan, a slice of cake, and for the adults, a little glass of Elixir.

This is the recipe for the perfect snack, and it’s roughly what’s included in our Snack Voucher, which you can learn more about below (click on the “Give a Voucher” button).

If we were to randomly interview one out of two older Varesina residents, they would tell you they spent all their high school years skipping classes at Borducan.

The shy ones will tell you they went there to study, but they’re lying.

The circular hall and terrace were the gathering place for those playing hooky, a safe haven to hide from prying eyes when you could still forge your mom’s signature and take a “day off.”

When we weren’t as digital as we are now and could take the risk of skipping a day of school without getting caught.

It seems like an era ago, yet it was only 20/30 years ago, not that long.

And Borducan was there then as it is today.

With its cakes, its Elixir served with the music box by Uncle Bruno, its breathtaking view, and the enchanting circular hall.

Time passes, habits change, but fortunately some certainties remain

Caffè del Borducan was born like this, precisely for its snack to be savored, preferably with a little glass of Elixir to sip slowly.

Over time, it has evolved, each manager bringing a bit of their own, a touch of poetry, their own story…

In recent years, my staff and I have brought a lot of romance, but also many other things.

Because you should know that at Borducan, just like the staircases at Hogwarts, we love to change!

Every season you will find a new setup

All year round, flowers are the main feature in the center of the room, but in autumn, the “Games of Magic” transform this enchanting place into a refuge for young and old wizards alike.

Muggles are always welcome, of course, but from mid-October to early November, don’t be alarmed if you encounter strange folks with cloaks and wands wandering around the halls.

Don’t be surprised if a mandrake root appears in your cocktail.

Don’t be amazed if in the November fog, you see the Keeper of Keys from the world’s greatest magical school emerging out of nowhere.

It’s just a slightly crazy period where we enjoy reminding ourselves not to take life too seriously.

Once the period dedicated to the little English wizard is over, the Christmas Moment arrives, and the halls are finally decorated like never before.

Christmas trees, lights, decorations, and nutcrackers make their appearance, and the classic Borducan snacks take on the taste of Christmas.

Mulled wine, cinnamon-scented hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies that seem to come straight from Mrs. Claus’s oven—there’s nothing missing in this already magical atmosphere, made even more magical by what I think is the most wonderful time of the year.

Homemade cakes, super indulgent coffee preparations, and some savory treats are available at all hours.

Our hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, every day. We just recommend calling to make sure there are no private events that might close the place to the public, such as weddings or other events.

We don’t take reservations, unless it’s for events of more than 10 people.

See you at Borducan, raise your glasses!




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